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Agile Conference in NYC

Big Apple Scrum Day is a one day Agile conference in New York City organized by members of NYC Scrum User Group.

Thank you to everyone who attended Big Apple Scrum Day 2017!


Now that the conference has ended, if you are looking for credits, please visit our SEU & PDU doc for more information.

Big Apple Scrum Day (BASD) is a one day community conference focused on Scrum/Agile principles and practices. Our conference is about sharing knowledge and supporting local community, discovering new practices and learning from your peers. If you were one of the over 550 participants from our 2015 & 2016 conferences, you'll remember the sense of community, the inspiring keynotes, the diverse sessions and workshops and our all-time favorite Coaching Clinic.

Our 2017 theme:

Always keep growing

BASD invites you to reflect on the importance of growing. Growing your knowledge: through experimenting and failing, taking risks, and pushing your boundaries. Growing your team: through self-organizing, revisiting Scrum values, and getting to the “We are great” stage. Growing your Scrum: through applying a better use of Scrum practices and widening the use of them in your organization. Growing beyond your Scrum: opening your eyes to other frameworks and considering practices more suitable to the problem at hand.


Keep growing and inspiring others to grow with you! All around you, plant the seeds of change for an Agile Mindset.

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