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2018 Sessions Speakers

We received 122 proposals from 8 countries!

Our reviewers worked hard to select the very best sessions for the #BASD2018 program. 

Qarina Mannaf

Houston, Texas Area

United States

Stop Wasting your Team’s time: How to Write Good, Agile Requirements

Andy Cleff

Philadelphia, PA

United States

The Fear and Vulnerability Retrospective

Kalpesh Shah

Phoenix, Arizona

United States

Standup Poker:

How We Hacked Our Daily Stand-up & Our Teams Mindset!

Marsha Acker

Washington D.C.

United States

Diagnosing and Changing Stuck Patterns in Teams

Ellen Gottesdiener

Boston, MA

United States

Product Backlog Refinement with Structured Conversations

Jenny Tarwater

Kansas City, Missouri

United States

Play for Trust - Management 3.0 Games

Barry Tandy

& Joanne Perold

Johannesburg Area, South Africa

Visualising your way to better problem solving

Hunter Tammaro & Julie Wyman

Washington D.C.

United States

Limiting WIP: Doing Less to Do More

Yuval Yeret

Boston, MA

United States

Scrum, Kanban, and DevOps Sitting on a Tree...

Michael S. McCalla

Philadelphia, PA

United States

An Outcome Measurement Model: Is Your Agile Adoption Moving The Needle?

Nancy Wu & Sriram Natesan

Toronto, Ontario


How I changed a team by doing "Nothing"

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