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2019 Sessions Speakers

We received 127 proposals!

Our reviewers worked hard to select the very best sessions for the #BASD2019 program. 

Mary Thorn.jpeg

Mary Thorn

Raleigh, NС

United States

Help! I am Drowning In 2 Week Sprints.... Please Tell Me What NOT to Test!

Bill Allen_edited.png

Bill Allen

Chicago, IL

United States

Evolving through learning -

Growing your learning organization

Benjamin Scott.jpeg

Ben Scott

Richmond, VA

United States


A Roadmap To TDD

Mathias Eifert.jpeg

Mathias Eifert

Washington D.C.

United States

Making Agile Work for Data Teams: Building Better Backlogs for Data Products

Skylar Watson.jpg

Skylar Watson

United States

Reaching Past Resistance: For Lasting Change

Mariya Breyter.jpeg

Mariya Breyter

New York, NY

United States

Five Keys to High-Performing Teams (a Learn N Play Workshop)

Zuzana Sochova.jpeg

Zuzi Sochova


Czech Republic


HR Goes Agile

Ellen Gottesdiener.jpeg

Ellen Gottesdiener

Boston, MA

United States

Agile Product Management: Do the Right Things, Not Everything

Robert Pieper.jpeg

Robb Pieper

Chicago, IL

United States


Financing Agile Delivery with Forecasts

Jean-Remi Beaudoin.jpeg
Nicolas Taborisky.jpeg

Jean-Rémi Beaudoin

Nick Taborisky

New York, NY

United States

Organically breeding your company around Scrum

Amitai Schleier 1.jpg

Faye Thompson
Amitai Schleier

New York, NY

United States

Two Midwesterners Politely Invite You To Explore Coding

Wm. Hunter Tammaro.jpeg

Julie Wyman
Hunter Tammaro

Washington D.C.

United States

Measuring Flow: Metrics that Matter

Pawel Kaminski.jpeg

Pawel Kaminski


United Kingdom

Practical use of Theory of Constraints - the story about bottlenecks, introducing change and win-win conflicts resolutions


Shahin Sheidaei



It All Starts with a Question, a Powerful One

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