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BASD 2015 - WHAT was it all about?


Looking for Big Apple Scrum Day 2016 info? Check out BASD 2016 home


Big Apple Scrum Day is a one day Agile conference in NYC organized by members of NYC Scrum User Group.

It is a Scrum Day, but it's not  just about Scrum!

As Scrum practitioners, we want to know where have we gotten to in terms of maturity?

What are the issues that we are facing now?

How can we innovate within the Scrum framework to continuously delight our customers?

What is next? Kanban? Scrumban? Noban?

Join us on June 1, let's find the answer together!

WHY should you come?


Big Apple Scrum Day is a one day conference that offers Scrum and Agile practitioners a new opportunity to sharpen their skills, share their agile adoption and scaling experience as well as connect with the global agile community.


Whether you are new to Scrum, or an experienced practitioner, we have a number of great sessions and workshops prepared for you.  As vibrant as the NYC itself, so is our conference program!


Bring your friends, your team, your boss, but above all – bring your curiosity, your agile passion and your strive for a continuous improvement. While you are at it – earn up to 8 SEU from Scrum Alliance towards your CSP certification.


Additionally you can claim up to 8 PDUs for your PMP certification.


Get ready for a day of learning and idea exchange in the heart of NYC.




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