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Big Apple Scrum Day Superhero Challenge


Are you up for the challenge?

As BASD grows in greatness, we ask ourselves… how can we also help each other to become bigger and better? The answer came to us like a flash in the night! Faster than a speeding bullet--what if each of us were Scrum Superheroes and we didn’t even know it!? Holy Agile, Batman! We invite you to begin your own hero origin story and DISCOVER YOUR SUPERPOWER!


Do you have what it takes to be a Scrum Superhero?

Today is just another ordinary Monday in our oh-so-very ordinary lives… or is it!? Begin the conference in your every-day civilian form. As you mingle around and attend various activities, unbeknownst to outsiders, you are part of a secret society of emerging superheroes! Posing as just another normal Agilist in NYC, today will be filled with a series of hero challenges designed to evolve your skills from the average New Yorker to human sidekick to courageous hero warrior to your final incarnation: superpowered Scrum superhero!  


Are you ready to take your first step towards Scrum greatness?

Join us on an Agile journey and complete quests throughout the day, while earning your HERO POINTS along the way! By participating in these quests, you will be better equipped to go up against the evil Waterfall Villain and his minions of command and control, bad business culture, and unhelpful processes… Collect the skills you need, level up to your Scrum Superhero status, and defeat these Agile inefficiencies, once and for all! Once you’ve saved the day, stop by the SUPERHERO CENTER to exchange your points for prizes, power ups, and professional paths of mastery!




  • Big Apple Scrum Day Certified SHU SIDEKICK -- Up to 30 points

  • Big Apple Scrum Day Certified HA HERO -- Up to 40 points

  • Big Apple Scrum Day Certified RI SUPER HERO -- Beyond 40 points




Fearless Flipchart | Reflection Quest | 1 POINT EACH

An important part of any journey is to reflect on what you’ve learned and how far you have come. Share your Agile knowledge on the activity charts around the conference.


Sponsor Stops | Tools Quest | 1 POINT EACH

Tools assist you on your journey to mastering Scrum. Speak with the Sponsors and find out what tools they can provide to assist you in your journey.


Sponsor Special | Courage Quest | 10 POINT POWER UP

True power comes from our innermost tools: our sense of courage and fearlessness. Visit every Sponsor to complete your superhero toolbox.


Truth or Dare | Learning Quest | 1 POINT EACH

Your Agile journey is never ending. Help our speakers continue to learn new things by attending their panels and giving them valuable feedback. Look for notecards to write feedback on and make sure to hand them into one of the Super Hero Volunteers to get one stamp.


Coaches Clinic | Wisdom Quest | 10 POINTS

Find the wisdom you seek by attending a Coaching Clinic and learn from the Masters. Sign up for a coaching session to gain wisdom into any issues you are currently facing in your organization or with your teams.


Super 7 Scrum Team | Collaboration Quest | 20 POINT POWER UP

Even Super Heroes stand a better chance of defeating villains when they work with other Superheroes. To complete this quest, find 7 people today that would make an awesome Scrum team. What traits do you look for in a good Scrum team? What skills should a Product Owner, Developer, and Scrum Master have?


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