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NYC Scrum User Group

Volunteers from the NYC Scrum User Group plan and organize Big Apple Scrum day.  The group meets on the third Thursday of every month to talk about Scrum, share experiences, network, and provide support for local Scrum practitioners. 


A lot of other groups do the same, right? Wrong!


What sets us apart from the 6000+ other meetups in the tri-state area is the strong sense of community!

We are one of the most active, welcoming and enthusiastic Agile user groups in New York City.

We share Scrum adoption success and horror stories, brainstorm together, exchange ideas and help each other grow.


Inviting well-known industry speakers with inspiring, thought-provoking presentations as well as encouraging the group members to collaborate and present – this is what the group excels at!

We’ve organized a number of community-driven presentation series in the past - This is how we do it”, “Scrum: Back to basics” just to name a few.


Check out some of our past events


Can’t wait to meet us? Just RSVP and join us for our next NYC Scrum User Group meeting!


Follow us on Twitter: @NYCScrum and @NYCScrumDay



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