Lean Apples Fest

at Big Apple Scrum Day


May 20, 2021

Lean Apples is a virtual simulation game, created by Agile Coaches at FactSet and custom-tailored for Big Apple Scrum Day by Korrin Mitchell, an Agile Coach from FactSet. 

What is Lean Apples? It is an effective way to promote self-management and productivity by illustrating the effects of wait time, estimation accuracy and delivery speed based on various batch sizes and multiple iterations. (Remember good old, Penny Flipping game? This is a virtual Penny Flipping on steroids!)

Join Korrin and a group of her colleagues-facilitators from FactSet for a multiplayer version of this interactive hands-on workshop. We will be working in small groups, use Zoom Breakouts and Mural collaboration board to learn, have fun and experience Lean Apples at Scale!

To participate fully, please join from your computer, avoid joining from an iPad or phone,  and prepare to turn on your video. 


About Korrin:

Korrin Mitchell is a “leader’s leader”, influencer, true strategic partner and SME in Agility, DevOps and Digital Transformations. She specializes in preparing organizations to evolve products and process, while exploiting rapid learning to make way for improved performance models, which ultimately reduce cost, increase revenue and achieve optimal business value by delivering product.


Her mission: To shift the culture by transforming mindsets, creating high performance teams and influencing others to adopt new ways of working


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